A Free-Choice Supplement for
Horses on Pasture or Range

  • Not a high molasses tub
  • An ideal product for meeting supplemental horse nutrient needs under conditions that make it difficult to individually supplement horses on a daily basis, such as with horses on pasture or range.
  • Convenient supplementation method (100 & 200 lb tubs) for free-choice feeding - reduces labor and the amount of time needed to feed horses.
  • Formulated to supplement nutrient needs of mature horses on pasture or range.
  • Provides multiple, high-quality sources of protein (20%), minerals (from GROSTRONG Minerals), and vitamins A, D, E, and B-complex
  • Provides Soy Shine, a unique combination of highly digestible essential fatty acids, amino acids, fermentable fibers, and other nutrients derived from soybeans.
  • Contains natural source vitamin E, a more biopotent source compared to synthetic vitamin E.
  • Provides a 2:1 calcium to phosphorus ratio, in addition to other major and trace minerals and vitamins.
  • Economical choice for 1 to 2 lb/horse/day free-choice supplement.
  • Palatable.
  • Less waste compared to other supplement forms.
Guaranteed Analysis
  • Crude Protein, not less than . 20.00%
  • Crude Fat, not less than ..........5.50%
  • Crude Fiber, not more than ......5.00%
Instructions for Feeding
Feed GROSTRONG PRO-VITA-MIN 20-5 Tub free-choice to horses on pasture or roughage rations. Make sure animals have adequate pasture or roughage available and are not starved for salt or minerals. Feed GROSTRONG PRO-VITA-MIN 20-5 Tub continuously. Place tubs in pastures near areas frequented by horses, such as watering locations, shade or loafing areas. Place one tub for every 5 horses and place tubs far enough apart to prevent dominant horses from controlling more than one tub.

Consumption may vary depending on number of horses per tub, climate, grazing conditions, condition of horses and/or availability of other feeds. Horses should consume 1 to 2 pounds per horse daily. In situations where climate and/or other factors result in consumption other than desired, intake of supplement can be increased or decreased by adding or reducing tubs per pasture. Provide adequate forage and supplemental feed as needed to maintain the desired body condition. Provide free access to fresh, clean water at all times.

CAUTION: Consumption of this product by sheep and goats may result in copper toxicity. Follow label directions. Feeding added selenium at levels in excess of 0.3 ppm in the total diet is prohibited.
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