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Duramycin 72-200

  • Used against a wide range of gram-positive & negative bacteria for beef cattle, dairy cattle, calves (including pre-ruminating veal calves), and swine to treat respiratory diseases, shipping fever, pinkeye, foot rot, diphtheria, scours, & wooden tongue.
  • For treatment of the following bacterium: Pasteurella spp.& multocida, Hemophilus, Moraxella bovis, Fusobacterium Necrophorum, E. Coli, Actinobaccillus lignieresii, Leptospiro Ponoma, strains of Streptococci & Staphylococci.
  • Duramycin 72-200 is the Generic Equivalent to LA-200 and allows for choice and cost savings.
  • 28 day slaughter withdrawl period. Milk should not be used for food for 96 hours. See label for complete details.
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