Vetericyn Plus Pink Eye Wash 16 oz.

Vetericyn is a family of animal wound and skin care products that are safe to use on all animals. They are non-toxic, steroid-free, antibiotic-free, and do not contain alcohol or tea tree oils. Vetericyn is safe to use around the eyes (with intact cornea), ears (outer and mid), nose and mouth. Vetericyn has been shown to be effective on livestock cats, dogs, horses, and even exotic animals like birds, snakes, rabbits, lizards, gerbils and more. Vetericyn has been shown to help with hot spots, scratches, skin rashes, skin ulcers, cuts, burns, post-surgical sites, irritated skin, cleaning the umbilical & navel, cleaning and debriding of animal wounds, sores, lacerations and more. Vetericyn is an immediate-acting one-step wound and skin care product for animals. Vetericyn doesn’t harm healthy tissue and is safe for use on all animal species of all ages. Vetericyn is environmentally friendly and is proudly made in the USA.

Use Vetericyn for the care of external teat ends and as an aid in the management of cleaning process of navels, umbilical cords, udder sores, wounds, cuts, abrasions, skin irritations, skin ulcers, post surgical incision sites, burns and rashes. Vetericyn is steroid-free, antibiotic-free and non-toxic. All Vetericyn products are manufactured within an appropriate physiological pH range so they will not sting when applied and will not harm healthy tissue. This cost effective product makes getting your job done and caring for your livestock easy.

Pink Eye Spray

Pink Eye Spray is for irritated eyes & to help relieve burning, stinging and itching by removing air pollutants (pollen/smog) and other foreign materials. Use to wash away mucus secretions and discharges. Safe for use on all animal species.

Safe for use to clean and debride eyes when showing the following symptoms:

  • Pink eye
  • Redness and irritation
  • Discharge and drainage
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